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For all my other Unix Virtual Machines, I use SSH and I use WinSCP to transfer files from my Windows Vista machine to the VM's.

Now, One of the VM's is using rlogin, What can I use to transfer files from my machine to the VM?

I use PuTTY to connect remotely to the machine, but through rlogin.

Please can someone help me?


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The subject is a little confusing since FTP is usually not considered a description, abbreviating what it abbreviates, but signifies a specific network protocol. Btw, some Windows version apparently ship rcp, scp's naked (I mean, unencrypted) brother. – sr_ Aug 13 '12 at 11:53
is the title better? I'm looking at rcp now, but is talking about: Copies files between a Windows XP computer and a system running rshd. I don't have ssh or rsh on this machine, only rlogin. – Kevdog777 Aug 13 '12 at 12:08
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Right, I had a discussion with my colleagues, and they suggested I use NFS (Network File System), and am connecting WinSCP through another machine (Linux Server). It is all complicated but is working now.

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