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I'm using a Lenny (Debian 5) for remotely controlled PC's (around 100 PC's) which will be pinging to my apache server. I'm developing a patch twice in a week to keep updated with the latest versions of my code and running it manually in all those PC's. Since they are controlled remotely, for some or the other reasons I will not be able to login and update in few of the PC's and hence the older version will not be present.

I wanted to know how can I keep updated my PC with all the patches/ packages getting updated from the server automatically. Thought of using rsync and executing the *.run file in rsync folder from cron for every 3days. But I'm looking one similar to apt-get update. How can this be achieved?

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Package your program, create your own package repository and then install and configure unattended-upgrades on each client. – jofel Aug 12 '12 at 11:44

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