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How can I modify the following so that it reads maildir and not just mailbox format?

typeset -a mailpath
for i in ~/Mail/Lists/*(.); do
   mailpath[$#mailpath+1]="${i}?You have new mail in ${i:t}."

Currently, I get:

/home/XXX/.zshrc:77: no matches found: /home/XXX/.Mail/Lists/*(.)
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You need to enumerate the directories called new under ~/Mail/Lists/. It's just a matter of a few glob qualifiers: / to match directories, and maybe N so that the expansion is empty if there is no match. Use ${i:h:t} to show the name of the mailbox instead of new.

for i in ~/Mail/Lists/**/new(/N); do
  mailpath+=("${i}?You have new mail in ${i:h:t}.")

You can use the e glob qualifier to make this a one-liner, albeit a cryptic one.

maildirs+=(~/Mail/Lists/**/new(/Ne\''REPLY="${REPLY}?You have new mail in ${REPLY:h:t}."'\'))
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