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I connect to my Server on the internet using ssh -D 3128 user@rootserver.com. If I am right I thereby open a SOCKS v5 Proxy to my Server. Using firefox and FoxyProxy I can now add this to my proxys and tunnel my HTTP-Traffic over it. Howsoever I'd like to use this SOCKS Proxy for all my traffic. Friends told me that they've seen this by modifying your route or using iptables howsoever I can't find anything about it.

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SOCKS5 is a protocol (i.e. in the application layer of OSI), so plain network-routing (e.g. via iptables) alone won't do. (It's probably necessary, but not sufficient.)

What you need is a proxifier. Without having tried it, tun2socks, allowing you to "socksify TCP at the network layer", looks promising (as does proxychains, without iptables but prefixing programs explicitly).

(Could socat be used here? This mentions socat for socksifying, but I'm unsure at the moment.)

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tun2socks in combination with iptables did the job, thanks a lot! – Momo Aug 3 '12 at 13:04

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