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Is it possible to use the mouse to navigate between different window panes which are split vertically or horizontally?

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See the mouse-select-pane option in man tmux:

mouse-select-pane [on | off]
If on, tmux captures the mouse and when a window is split into multiple panes the mouse may be used to select the current pane. The mouse click is also passed through to the application as normal.

You can enable this by adding it to your .tmux.conf: set -g mouse-select-pane on

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This works great but as I have noticed you loose the ability to select text with mouse or copy mode (prefix Ctrl + [) when you have more than 1 pane. –  Patryk Jan 7 '13 at 12:08
Just saw, that, indeed, I lost the ability to select text with the mouse, but found that I still can select it with SHIFT key being pressed. OpenSuse 12.3, GNOME terminal 3.6.1, tmux 1.7. –  user72025 Sep 7 at 0:53

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