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Possible Duplicate:
Change main partition size to install another distribution

this is the image showing partitions on my hard drive. I am reading linux from scratch and so i need to create a dedicated partition to make my machine. sda1 is alloted to root but it uses only 3.45 GB of about 15 GB. Rest ~ 11GB is free. So, I need to shrink sda1 and make a dedicated partition. This is my only option as only 1 MB is free on the disk and i need approx 3 GB. So, i searched and found this but can i shrink a partition by this method? If not, then please tell how to do that?

Note: I have backed up my files on ubuntu one cloud. So, backup shouldn't be a problem.

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I love using the LiveCD distro called Parted Magic for doing this job. It will provide you with a nice GUI interface with a slider bar that you can manipulate to resize the disks.

Beware, modifying partition sizes could have devastating effects. Since you have done a backup, it is less of a concern.

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The link you refer to is not applicable because it's using LVM and you aren't.

Basically, you can do what you want, but you need to have booted from a LiveCD since you can't decrease the size of the root partition while Linux is using it. Tim's recommendation is probably OK as it's a custom resizing solution.

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