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In awesome, what key binding can you use to maximise a window (in floating mode, of course) so that it maximise in just the horizontal or just the vertical direction?

I know that mod4 + m will maximise it fully in both directions so I kind of assume it will be possible to do a mapping to just one direction.

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By default there is no such key binding. But you can create one. Use this snippet (or better add the key binding to your existing configuration) for your rc.lua file:

clientkeys = awful.util.table.join(
  awful.key({ modkey }, "F7",
    function(c) c.maximized_horizontal = not c.maximized_horizontal end),
  awful.key({ modkey }, "F8",
    function(c) c.maximized_vertical   = not c.maximized_vertical end),

It assigns horizontal and vertical maximization to mod-F7 and mod-F8, respectively.

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Super. It all worked but I had to remove the comma at the end of the last but one line. – Sardathrion Jul 31 '12 at 7:41

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