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I usually use XMonad as window manager. When playing around with GUI programming I sometimes just want to see how the windows would look under Compiz for example.

So is it possible to run another window manager, say Compiz, on a specific workspace under XMonad?

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Nested X11 sessions are possible with Xephyr, see this example from the wikipedia page: nested X11 sessions using Xephyr screenshot

This is independent of the "base" WM (XMonad), since it's just another X11 client for it to take care of. That said, I have no idea about accelerated graphics in Xephyr, i.e. if Compiz is usable this way...

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Thanks, that answers my question in principle (thus I am accepting it, but see: askubuntu.com/questions/116936/…) – student Jul 29 '12 at 18:29

Alternatively you can start another session from your login manager (while your main session keeps alive) and login as another user configured to use the window manager of your choice.

LightDM and GDM allow for that, and maybe other login manager. You can then switch back to your original session with CtrlAltF7 or similar.

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