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I'd like to execute this and check if count is 0, 1 or > 1 in bash.

mysql -e "select count(*) from mydb.mydb;"

The output is:

| count(*) |
|        0 |

I don't know how to parse this. Also this will be used in a cron job, so I can't have any output.

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You could suppress the tab column name by:

ROW_CNT=$(mysql --raw --batch -e 'select count(*) from mydb.mydb' -s)
echo $ROW_CNT

Also, the semicolon at end your SQL command is unnecessary

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For Psql , I needed the -t option, eg ROW_CNT=$(psql -h AHOST -p APORT -d ADB -t -c 'select count( * ) from ATABLE ;') – AnneTheAgile Jul 24 '14 at 16:49

try out this-

count=$( $path/to/mysql -h $ip -u $user -p$password $schema -s \
          -e "select count(1) from employee where email=xyz@abc.com");

if [[ "${count}" = '0' ]]; then
    echo "Email exist, please enter a new value : "
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Please explain what your code fragment does and how this answers the question! – Bananguin May 24 at 6:35

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