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I have a Macbook Pro 8,2 and really want to make the switch to something a little less stubborn and a little more flexible than the proprietary Mac OS X. I am a bit frustrated with MacPorts lately and Homebrew. I also would like to make the transition to a tiling window manager such as Awesome, RatPoison, or Xmonad. In the past I have had problems getting the Mac's wireless card working as well as setting up the EFI installer to boot to GRUB or LILO. So, I am curious if anyone here has had any experiences with running a Linux Distro like Slackware, Archlinux, Debian or a Unix OS such as FreeBSD on their MacBook Pro.

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I found the most compatible distro's for my Macbook pro's (9,1 and 10,1) tend to be Ubuntu and Fedora.

The Xorg drivers for the Macbook touchpad kinda suck, but I haven't messed with that stuff for a couple of years now.

Fedora tends to have lots of guides readily available for installs to a Mac.

Fedora has out of the box support for EFI systems. So no need for weird MBR voodoo. If you still have trouble with EFI with Fedora 17 or similar, take a look @ rEFit for making booting an MBR possible.

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