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I have to find a free, gratis command line solution to convert primary Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into HTML files (1 HTML file per foil) on Linux (Debian, OpenSuse). It would be nice if the solution supports OpenOffice Impress presentations as well but this is not necessary.

What is/are solution/s for this matter?

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Does this have anything to do with UNIX/Linux? More like SU. – user13742 Jul 26 '12 at 10:14
Linux based solution. But maybe you're right. – burnersk Jul 26 '12 at 10:17
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You want to use pptHTML:


For debian based distros: http://packages.debian.org/unstable/utils/ppthtml

The C Source for the xlhtml package: http://prdownloads.sf.net/chicago/xlhtml-

ppthtml is an executable installed through the same package.

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Thanks! xlhtml is the name for OpenSuse, right? – burnersk Jul 26 '12 at 10:30
xlhtml is for Excel. While pptHtml is for Ppt files. – darnir Jul 26 '12 at 10:34
Awww fail. You're right. But I can't find nighter pptHTML at OpenSuse nor its (non Debian) source code to compile for OpenSuse. – burnersk Jul 26 '12 at 10:36
I could find the windows executable for the same. Maybe you could run it on wine? – darnir Jul 26 '12 at 10:43
C Source for xlhtml. It contains the ppthtml executable in the same package. prdownloads.sf.net/chicago/xlhtml- – darnir Jul 26 '12 at 10:45

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