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I am on Mint 12 KDE. I used Software Manager to install make-doc - "Documentation for the gnu version of the "make" utility".

How do I access what was downloaded?

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All documentation packages (*-doc) in ubuntu are installed in /usr/share/doc. You can browse to it and read the documentation at /usr/share/doc/make-doc/.

If you have apache installed, it automatically creates an alias for /doc to /usr/share/doc in the default host, meaning you can browse to http://localhost/doc/make-doc for the documentation.

On a broader note, after installing any package, you can view where its files went by dpkg -L package-name

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Thanks Captain! – Scooter Jul 26 '12 at 4:11

From the command line, you can list the files in an installed package:

dpkg -L make-doc

I don't know Mint's Software Center, but I think that if you go to the installed packages section and select make-doc, there is a menu item to display a list of files in the package.

You can list the files in a package that isn't installed, by the way — this is especially useful in the other direction, to find the package containing a file whose name you know. Install apt-file and run apt-file list packagename or apt-file search filename. Linux Mint only added support for apt-file recently, so I'm not sure whether it works before Maya.

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Thaks Gilles, I have apt-file installed now. – Scooter Jul 28 '12 at 1:50

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