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I'm looking to convert a .jpg into a .pdf, where the .jpg is positioned at a certain coordinate say 30 pixels and centered.

Right now I'm just using:

convert image.jpg image.pdf

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I assume you want to add a border of, say 30px, on all four sides. Use the -border option for the size and -bordercolor for the colour:

convert -border 30 -bordercolor white input.png output.pdf

More information can be found here: Imagemagick - Adding/Removing Image Edges

If you want the final PDF to be of a particular size, you can use the following options:

convert \
  -page A4 \
  -gravity northwest \
  -border 30 \
  -bordercolor white \
  input.png output.pdf
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thanks, ya that puts it down 30pixels which i want, also looking to make the pdf a whole page, with just the image 30 pixels down at the top –  chris mccoy Jul 25 '12 at 18:12
I updated my answer, but it's hard to tell what you actually want. If it's still not what you are looking for, it might make sense to update your question, rephrase it, add more details or an image of what you want to achieve. –  Marco Jul 25 '12 at 18:54

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