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Each time I do apt-get dist-upgrade, the package sysvinit comes back and replaced upstart. Well, I have some scripts written for upstart, and I need to reinstall it every time (typing the annoying confirmation Yes, do as I say!) How can I flag it as a solid rock choice, so it won't be replaced forever?

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as noted in Gilles' answer, this is impossible. It's a problem for systemd too: see wiki.debian.org/systemd#Known_Issues_and_Workarounds – strugee Sep 5 '13 at 2:40
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This is filed as Debian bug #525141 (against upstart) and bug #561627 (against sysvinit).

Arno Schuring notes that as a workaround, you can use aptitude full-upgrade instead of apt-get dist-upgrade (the two commands are synonyms, but aptitude tends to be a bit better at dependency management).

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