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I am looking for a handy (offline) tool to manage todo-notes and lists on linux. As a necessary requirement it should be possible to assign tags and sort, filter and search for tags. It should support web-links.

Nice to have (but not neccessary):

  • mark progress of the item
  • mark importance
  • have a calendar to easily insert dates for deadlines for example
  • some rudimentary versioning control system for the lists
  • should be able to handle images or even video embeddings
  • tables
  • support for math-formulas
  • should be keyboard friendly

Any suggestions?

I do not have any restricion whether is has to have a GUI or not, it may something which runs in a browser, it may have an ordinary GUI, or just an ncurses interface, it's important that it's handy. But there is one restriction: It should not be an applet which works only together with gnome-panel or something like that (I don't use a panel or tray bar).

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remind is the best command-line calendar application for Linux that I know of (and use). It uses a plain text file calendar format, with a rather powerful albeit domain-specific scripting language that can express very complex rules for recurring events. It is mostly calendar and not so much todo list manager, but as a calendar it's hard to beat. – jw013 Sep 4 '12 at 21:03

You should definitely take a look at taskwarrior! Visit the tutorial to learn about its capabilities.

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Thank you for the tip. I like such command line tools and I didn't knew it. – wolf Sep 4 '12 at 21:32
I tried a lot, devtodo is my favorite. It allows me to have separated todo lists for every project. – Manuel Gutierrez Mar 21 '13 at 18:45

You can try with Getting Things GNOME (abbreviated GTG). It supports tagging tasks with multiple tags and allows you to run queries based on tags.

For example, !not @money !not @1 will show tasks that aren't money related or have an high priority.

I use the @1 tag for high-priority tasks, @2 for medium-priority tasks and @3 for low-priority tasks, but you are free to choose a different tagging system for priority.

GTG has a build in calendar for selecting start/due dates.

At the moment you cannot insert tables, images, videos or math formulas, but links are automatically created when you insert one.

At the end of this month a new version of GTG will be released, but I suggest you to try the current version (0.2.9) which is already really good (at least for me).

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