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Is there a (safe) way to umount all partitions on all attached usb devices (usb-hdds, usb-sticks) with a single commandline command, including several encrypted luks partitions?

Only the partitions on the usb-devices should be umounted, nothing more!

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Tried my best to stay posix with this, note that it will fail if you do not have a suitable "udevadm" package available for displaying udev info.


command_exists () {
    type "$1" &> /dev/null


if command_exists udevadm; then
        CMD="$(which udevadm) info -q all -n"

if command_exists udevinfo; then
        CMD="$(which udevinfo) -q all -n"

echo "The udevinfo command for this system is $CMD"

for disk in /dev/sd*
        DISK=$($CMD $disk | grep ID_BUS)
        if [[ "$DISK" == *usb ]]; then
                echo "$disk is USB, now unmounting.."
                umount $disk
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Thanks, but it doesn't work for the luks partitions. – student Jul 21 '12 at 14:08

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