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When I login to console, e.g tty1, I usually see a message No mail, I know there's some program checking email on login, but I don't use that, how can I disable that command ?

I tried to grep from /etc/profile.* and ~/.bash*, but nothing found

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This message can also be provided by the pam_mail module, so you can just grep pam_mail * in /etc/pam.d and disable it there.

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Put unset MAILCHECK in .bashrc.


It seems, the above won't work consistently (although it won't hurt, and to some extent it seems to work). But, check out this section of /etc/pam.d/login - try comment out the last line (or, if it still doesn't work, track this further into the legacy file they mention).

# Prints the status of the user's mailbox upon successful login
# (replaces the MAIL_CHECK_ENAB option from login.defs).
# This also defines the MAIL environment variable. However, userdel
# also needs MAIL_DIR and MAIL_FILE variables in /etc/login.defs to
# make sure that removing a user also removes the user's mail spool
# file. See the comments in /etc/login.defs.
session optional pam_mail.so standard
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