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I just installed Debian and I am having issues getting my wireless working.

I installed Squeeze and also the nonfree firmware for iwlwifi.

I thought I did everything right but I am still not getting online. My wireless hardware won't even turn on.

So this is what I did:

Put the .deb files in a flash drive, booted the system and from there I typed dpkg -i <firmware>.deb

I restared my network first and then rebooted the PC after which I was still not getting a connection.

I typed aptitude show firmware iwlwifi and it showed all the files that were in /lib/firmware which where all correct.

modeprobe iwlwifi gives me a FATAL error saying the module isn't there and ifconfig/iwconfig only shows some eth0 and another interface that isn't wlan0

What could I be doing wrong? Was I supposed to download the "backport" firmware files instead?

Output of lspci -nn and dmesg|grep iwl:


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