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I know how to jump from tab to tab in the text editor frame, but jumping from the text editor (center-right top frame) to the command line (center-right bottom frame) using only the keyboard eludes me.

I know that jumping straight out of the command line frame probably won't be possible (or as easy as jumping out of one of the other two frames), but knowing how to do the other jumps would save me (and stackexchange posterity) a fair amount of time.

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Nice puzzle... The following key combo works OK on my install (Gnome/gEdit 3.4.2):

  • From file-browser to terminal: Tab then Ctrl + Tab

  • From terminal to text-editor: Ctrl + Tab three times

  • From text-editor to file-browser: Ctrl + Tab three times then Tab four times

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I can do the following:

Text-Editor to File Browser: CtrlTab followed by 6 x Tab (does somebody know an easier way here?)

File Browser to Text-Editor: Ctrl 2x Tab

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