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I have an Ubuntu Server (12.04) running on my development machine. It is in a VM. I have succeeded with the task of setting up Apache2, MySQL, and PHP. I can access the server from my host browser by pointing it to the IP. Hurray!

My next task is to set up the filesystem so that I can edit project files on my host computer (Mac OS X 10.7) hit save and view them in my browser through the Linux server.

How I am trying to accomplish this is by sharing a folder on my Mac with the VM, which mounts to /mnt/hgfs/foldername. Then I pointed my virtual host in Apache2 to that folder. chmod the folder to 777 for testing purposes and tried to access the files from my Mac. I get a 403 Forbidden.

How can I set up the VM to share a folder with my Mac so that I don't have to FTP all my files to the server? A thought a had was rsync the /mnt/hgfs/* folder to the public_html

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