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Is there a way to make the scrolling on a linux machine (running X11) more like OS X's natural scrolling? With 'natural scrolling' I mean the fact that you can flick trough the pages, there is momentum in the scrolling.

I have a macbook running Arch Linux and I would like to make the trackpad experience a bit better.

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what are you looking for is probably defined as "kinetic scrolling", i suggest a research on the internet about your distribution specific solutions, because this can involve 3 pieces of software, drivers, desktop environment and possible third part software. –  user827992 Jul 12 '12 at 20:41
Have you tried GNOME 3's "natural scrolling"? –  aairey Feb 26 at 12:25
I accidentally discovered that this Firefox Add-ons has option for making "bouncy" feedback when reaching the page top/bottom edge. Works with Firefox 40 on Linux. –  clearkimura Aug 18 at 15:59

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