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When I am trying to install RHEL (6.3, 5.8, 4.8) on an HP Integrity Server rx2660 Itanium with 4GB RAM, I keep getting to the same point which is

Loading file efi\boot\initrd.img...done

After that nothing happens and I can’t continue installing RHEL.

Also, when I hit Ctrl + Alt + F3, I see the message

Unable to identify CD-ROM format

unable to load NLS charset utf8

and the SCSI CDROM fails to mount CD/DVD?

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Please check if you have the correct hardware version. There is no Itanium version for RHEL6, so the RHEL6.3 you are using is almost certainly not the right version.

You want IA64 not amd64 or x86_64.


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