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I did a search for java with babushka, and got the following results:

Name                 | Source                                               | Runs    |  ✓ | Command
java.managed         | git://github.com/all4miller/babushka-deps.git        | 1 ever  | 100% | babushka all4miller:java.managed
java.managed         | git://github.com/benhoskings/babushka-deps.git       | 2 ever  | 50%  | babushka benhoskings:java.managed
java environment     | git://github.com/compactcode/babushka-deps.git       | 4 ever  | 75%  | babushka compactcode:'java environment'
java dev environment | git://github.com/compactcode/babushka-deps.git       | 21 ever | 14%  | babushka compactcode:'java dev environment'
java.environment     | git://github.com/compactcode/babushka-deps.git       | 1 ever  | 100% | babushka compactcode:java.environment
java.managed         | git://github.com/compactcode/babushka-deps.git       | 1 ever  | 0%   | babushka compactcode:java.managed
java                 | git://github.com/cheef/babushka-deps.git             | 1 ever  | 100% | babushka cheef:java
java                 | http://chris-berkhouts-macbook-pro-2.local:9292/.git | 4 ever  | 25%  | ✣
java-6-sun           | https://github.com/cheef/babushka-deps.git           | 2 ever  | 0%   | babushka cheef:java-6-sun

"java.managed" looks the most promising, because I trust benhoskings more than the others. But what does the ".managed" mean?

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It's just his convention for indicating the template type the dep was based on. managed means that dependency was defined with the managed template.

From http://ben.hoskings.net/2010-08-01-design-and-dsl-changes-in-babushka-v0.6 (emphasis mine):

That's all cleaned up now. Just as sources have been unified, deps are always defined with the dep top-level method now, whether they use a template or not. Instead of saying gem 'hpricot', you say either dep 'hpricot', :template => 'gem', or dep 'hpricot.gem'. These two styles produce the same dep---the choice is there to allow you to include the template type in the dep's name.

Earlier in the same article, he explains that the original name for the managed template was pkg, which was causing confusion for his Mac users who assumed it meant they were for Mac installer packages:

The pkg template was renamed to managed because it looked like it handled OS X installer packages.

Unfortunately, that leads to confusion in the dep list: I'm guessing you wouldn't have asked what the package suffix name meant if it was called "java.pkg". :-)

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