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Is there a PNG viewer that can display text chunk metadata? Ideally, I'd like a way to view arbitrary chunks.

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Found a partial solution, the pngcheck tool can print text chunks although it wont display the image.

pngcheck -c -v -t foobar.png

These are the relevant options for showing PNG chunks:

-7  print contents of tEXt chunks, escape chars >=128 (for 7-bit terminals)
-c  colorize output (for ANSI terminals)
-p  print contents of PLTE, tRNS, hIST, sPLT and PPLT (can be used with -q)
-t  print contents of tEXt chunks (can be used with -q)
-v  test verbosely (print most chunk data)
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The ImageMagick "display" program will do it. Display the image with display filename.png, hold the right button to bring up the menu, select Image info, and scroll down.

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