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i have a quantum scalar i40 connect on a centos 5 machine trough SAS interface. I fight with it since a while because the media changer does not work. I finally understood yesterday that the system does not see the changer at all.

I can see my tape drives but not the changer.

On my hardware i see :

# lsscsi 
[0:3:0:0]    tape    HP       Ultrium 5-SCSI   Z38Z  /dev/st0
[0:3:0:1]    tape    HP       Ultrium 5-SCSI   Z38Z  /dev/st1

And i should have the mediumx QUANTUM field like on this output :

[3:0:2:0]    tape    HP       Ultrium 5-SCSI   Z58Z  /dev/st1
[3:0:3:0]    tape    HP       Ultrium 5-SCSI   Z58Z  /dev/st2
[3:0:3:1]    mediumx QUANTUM  Scalar i40-i80   135G  -

I am using this set of modules :

scsi_mod              199641  15 mpt2sas,scsi_transport_sas,sg,be2iscsi,ib_iser,iscsi_tcp,bnx2i,libcxgbi,libiscsi2,scsi_transport_iscsi2,scsi_dh,st,libata,aacraid,sd_mod

My kernel version is : 2.6.18-308.el5

I need help.


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On my tape lib i have ony 1 drive i have change the driver sas, with the LSI one, i see only 1 drive now but the medai changer is not here. – Louis Jul 9 '12 at 13:12

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