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I have a question regarding a kernel installation. I downloaded a new version of net-next kernel source and I performed the following steps:

  • make allyesconfig
  • make -j16
  • make modules_install
  • make install

The problem is that when I try to execute make install, I get a "modules not found" error. I am confused here since someone else was able to make the kernel with the same procedure and I am unable to do the same (We both have root permission). Is there something extra I need to do to make sure those modules are visible/available?

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When make install is invoked, it will invoke a distribution-specific script to build the initrd.img, this script will lookup all the modules that required by this distribution, but because you have just compiled all modules into kernel as built-in via make allyesconfig, the script failed to lookup modules.

I can't reproduce your problem just now, I remember "modules not found" is just warnings, I always ignore it because the initrd.img was successfully built and the new kernel was successfully booted. If you do fail on "modules not found", you should re-config such modules from built-in modules to real loadable modules by manually via make menuconfig by this way: "modules not found" message contains module name, use the name to search through Makefiles to find out which CONFIG_XXX, and turn that CONFIG_XX to =m.

At the last, if you just want a newly built kernel, I suggest you use the distribution config instead make allyesconfig:

cd your_kernel_src
cp /boot/your_distribution_config .config
make menuconfig             # can exit it directly with nothing changed
make -j16
make modules_install
make install
# update the grub, if it is required for your distribution.
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You compiled the kernel with plain make, but not the modules. Run make -j16 all modules.

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make will compiles the kernel and the modules – Lai Jiangshan Jul 31 '12 at 15:33

You have to make sure the toolchain is aware of the kernel source tree you're working with. You have to set the environment variable KERNEL_TREE to the directory where your sources are. See http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/147700/37538 for reference.

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