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I want to buy a 2012 MacBook with the Retina Display. Does it work well with Linux?

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Unfortunately, it's still very buggy, as per this post on the openSUSE forums lots of stuff still doesn't works:

What I have working so far:

  • Retina Display - openSUSE looks fantastic at 2880x1800!
  • Booting in emulated BIOS mode
  • Booting in EFI mode
  • Keyboard and Trackpad - full support including the function key on the keyboard, the keyboard backlight and multifinger support on the trackpad
  • Sound - this is a fantastic sounding laptop
  • 3D Acceleration - via the NVidia 650m graphics card
  • Sensors - including temperatures and fan speeds
  • Bluetooth

What I don't have working yet:

  • 3D acceleration using the integrated Intel graphics card
  • Screen backlight control
  • Suspend and Hibernate
  • Built-in wireless card
  • Thunderbolt

What I haven't tested yet:

  • Webcam
  • Card reader
  • External Monitor

Even if the hardware was supported, many apps are not (yet) designed for such high resolutions; as I understand it, OS X uses some hacks to get those working properly on the retina display.

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