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I would like to be able to name a window in emacs, and specify that window when opening and creating new buffers. I've looked through the manual but all I can find is find-file-other-window, which doesn't allow me to specify which window to open the buffer in. Perhaps I'm trying to use emacs in a way it wasn't intended to be used, but what I am trying to achieve is a workspace similar to an IDE:

| Project  |  Main editor        | Help Docs |
| Files    |                     |           |
|          |                     |           |
|          |                     |           |
|          |                     |           |
|          |                     |           |
|          |                     |           |
|          |                     |           |
|          |---------------------|           |
|          |  Console/Shell      |           |
|          |                     |           |

For example, I would like to have all internal help and python docs open in the right window, and all .py files in the main window by default. Any ideas?

EDIT: I should mention that I'm using emacs in no-window console mode.

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After extensive googling and head-scratching, I have discovered that what I was looking for is a function called set-window-dedicated-p. Documentation can be found here, for anyone else who happens upon this page:


Binding a key to this function will cause the selected window to refuse splitting or displaying other buffers.

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