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I'm running Fedora/Gnome 3.4.2 64bit and I'm trying to mount a webdav file system to work with.

As root, I run the command

#mkdir /mnt/webdav
#wdfs https://www.webiste.com:port/directory /mnt/webdav -o allow_other

It asks for the user and pass which I provide and then gives me back the prompt. Then I go and check /mnt/webdav and there are no files. Either as root or my normal user.

Then, to try and see what is happening I try

#cd /mnt
ls: cannot access webdav: No such file or directory

So webdav doesn't exist but bash lists it as a folder? What am I doing wrong?

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The webdav entry appears in the directory listing for /mnt, but when ls tries to read the inode of /mnt/webdav, it is told that no such file exist. Contrast:

# \ls /mnt
# ls
ls: cannot access webdav: No such file or directory

That's whatever alias you're using for ls (typically ls -F or ls --color) causing ls to read the metadata on /mnt/data (calling stat(2)) and failing.

Wdfs is having trouble connecting to the server. To see what the error is, check the system logs or try to run wdfs in a more verbose mode, or snoop on your network traffic.

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