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The source folder of rtnet contains only the above mentioned files for compilation purposes. Remaining files are the source code of the examples.

Question is that do these files indicate that they have been generated through automake?

If yes, then where should I look to find out what settings where made to configure automake for generating these files?

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The presence of the .am files indicates the project is intended to be used with AutoMake. They are the source files for AutoMake, and the only ‘configuration’ files needed if you're building a project.

Read through GNUMakefile.am to see how AutoMake is configured. Generally speaking, you don't need to do that in many cases. The standard ./configure; make; make install and its variants works well.

The GNU Build Toolchain, aka autotools, (check out the flowchart) is very complex (and its use of M4 is not for the faint of heart — and to think I once used that to make a website). Your best allies are the documentation. All the tools have manpages, but most of their documentation comes in info pages (say info automake, or use your favourite info browser).

Have a look at a tutorial for autotools or go browse the official automake documentation.

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thanks for the detailed answer. – TheIndependentAquarius Jun 23 '12 at 14:19

The settings for AutoMake are in the *.am files. IIRC those (can) generate the *.in files which are the templates used by ./configure to produce the effective files.

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Thanks for answering, but: IIRC those (can) generate the *.in files which are the templates used by ./configure to produce the effective files. Didn't understand this very clearly. Moreover, can I too write a auutomake for a small hello world program for rtnet like they have done? – TheIndependentAquarius Jun 23 '12 at 6:41

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