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I installed a minimal Fedora system and have built it up to getting X running with Xmonad as my window manager. I can startx fine and so far I don't see any issues with my current setup while in X. When I leave X, the first line I see is

xauth: /home/user/.serverauth.535 does not exist

What can I do to remedy this error? I check /var/log/Xorg.0.log and I don't find any lines with (EE) so I don't think there is an error.

FYI, I did not yum group install "X Window System" but I only installed all the Mandatory Packages and some select Default Packages in the group. Could this be causing the xauth error?

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The .serverauth.XXXX gets created and/or used by some startx scripts. When you don't use xauth you can disable it by changing enable_xauth=1 to enable_xauth=0 in the startx script.

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