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I backed up some linux configuration files to a windows machine, so the file system rights were lost. Now I would like to restore my backed up configuration by overwriting the configuration currently present on the linux machine. Is there a command like "overwrite configuration.conf with backup/configuration.conf and apply the file rights of the overwritten configuration.conf to the new configuration.conf" ? Thanks for any hint :-)

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You can use chmod to first copy permissions to the backup.

 chmod --reference <reference> <target>
  1. Copy backup file to linux system using a different name like file.bak

    cp /mnt/windows/FILE /etc/directory/FILE.bak

  2. apply the permissions from the original file

    chmod --reference /etc/directory/FILE /etc/directory/FILE.bak

  3. mv backup to target

    mv /etc/directory/FILE.bak /etc/directory/FILE

Put all this in a for-loop. chowncan be used similarly to copy the owner and group from a reference file.

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Thank you very much for your hints! Selected as answer :-) Except someone tells em, hey there's a aprameter to cp/mv to do this all in just on step :P – stefan.at.wpf Jun 23 '12 at 11:10

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