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I have a font that I can set using setfont and rc.conf [CONSOLEFONT]. It is in psf2 format. I would like to use the font in Grub as well. I'm using Grub2. When I run

grub-mkfont -o ~/outfont pc.psf

I get the output

can't open file pc.pf2, index 0: error 2: unknown file format

Although the man page is a bit lacking, from what I've read elsewhere, it looks like grub-mkfont should be able to take an host of input formats (including psf2?) and outputs a psf2 font. This doesn't match what I see. I have a grub font that works, and I notice that it doesn't have the psf2 "magic" at the top, but rather it starts with FILE , {0,0,0,4} (bytes), PFF2NAME, etc. and generally looks like a text/binary mixed format wit things like MAXH, Regular 16, FAMI, etc. in it. Is Grub2 different in this regard?

The quest is: What format does grub-mkfont take and output? How can I convert my psf2 font into that format?

It looks like information about these things is somewhat scarce, so please offer information even if you can't fully answer the question! Anything small could be big! Thanks.

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