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I've installed the latest versions of libpcap and libdnet. There is however a problem with daq. I configured snort with --wth-daq-libraries=/usr/local/lib/daq and --with-libpcap-libraries=/usr/lib flags, however snort still cannot find my daq_static library. However when I build daq, all my modules are being built correctly and I see the static libraries when I go to the directory /usr/local/lib/daq. Also when I configure daq, I also use the --wth-libpcap-libraries=/usr/lib. Another thing that I don't understand is when I look in usr/lib directory for my libpcap, I see a file that is libpcap.a. What kind of file is that?

Also I don't know how to check where snort is looking when it wants to find some library. Maybe there is a bash command or something I could use like strace thats for libraries instead of system calls.

The last thing I want to mention is that I am configuring and building snort from /usr/local/share. Though technically I don't think it should really matter from where I build. BTW whats the difference between the --with-daq-include and --with-daq-libraries flag? Aren't they the same?

Thanks for any help. If there is anything in my question you don't understand or would like more specification, I will do my best to clear things up.

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Some of your configure flags contain a typo with vs. wth. –  Ulrich Dangel Jun 16 '12 at 0:03