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I have a bash script that cd to the right directory then uses the mput command to ftp all the files in the directory to a remote server, as below:

for from_dir in $DATE_LIST 
    cd ${FILE_LANDING_DIR}/deltas/${from_dir}

ftp_files () {
    ftp -inv $HOST <<-EOF > $LOG_DIR/tempftplog
    user $USER $PASS 
    cd ${ID_LANDING_DIR}
    mput *

I tried altering the ftp_files function to ftp only the .gz files in that directory by changing the line from mput * to mput *.gz but that did not work.

Can someone tell me how I can do this once in the ftp command?

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Does mput *.gz not work? If not, try the ftp glob command first.


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What about performing a directory search and piping it to the mput?

ls *.gz | mput

I cannot test this right now because Im not at a linux box so it might need to be tweaked to get it to work 100% correctly.

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