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I have a big data file need to write to NFS directory which is mapped under a Windows system. I had 2 different approaches to achieve this.

I wrote (using the “save as” command) from the app directly to NFS. I first wrote to a local drive, then copied the file to NFS directory. I didn't do accurate statics, but it occurs to me approach is definitely faster, and seems I cannot find a reasonable explain for this phenomenon, anyone got any ideas?

Say I have a big file (600 MB), if I directly save it to NFS, it will be slower compared to I first save it to local drive then move the file to NFS, why is that?

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This might depend on both the NFS client and the NFS server. What OS does the client run, and what NFS driver? What about the server? – Gilles Jun 15 '12 at 23:42
I find that I get these slow-downs when writing to "strange" volumes if there is any sort of processing associated with the write. What software are you using to save the file? Perhaps, there is some extra processing involved in save (vs. cp or mv) that is causing issues. – Mike Covington Jun 16 '12 at 5:35

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