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Is there a place where I can look, what kind of regexes I can use with the --tr option from cclive?

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(Disclaimer: this answer is based on Internet research without hands-on experience with the program.)

CCLive supports the --tr option since version 0.7.6. Until then the --regexp option could be used:

0.7.6  Mon Sep 12 2011  Toni Gundogdu
    - Add --tr (depr. --regexp, --subst)
    - Add --prefer-format
    - Revise manual

Looking at the man page, the --tr option states:

Default is "/(\w|\s)/g".

Since the regexp matching code is based on libpcre, I think the standard Perl Regular Expressions are allowed.

The source code that performs regular expression matching is also available to browse. I cannot really put all things together, but that might be the place for any special options used for pcre.

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