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I've got some large mailboxes and using Thunderbird, that means that I have several mbox files. These single files contain all e-mails in a particular folder. Now, I would like to get some data on the senders in a particular folder. My ideal statistic would be to get all unique senders, and the number of times their e-mail is in that folder. Ej:

  • John A: 10x
  • Maria B: 5x


I've tried some grep options but I also get X-headers if I grep only 'From:', and I'm not sure how to exclude these other headers. Anybody any idea if this can be done from the command line?

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First, we need to reliably get the From header, which can be done with a restrictive grep regular expression.

% grep --no-filename --ignore-case '^From:' test.eml
From: mgorven@example.com

Next we need to count the number of occurrences, which can be done with uniq -c (which requires a sorted list).

% grep --no-filename --ignore-case '^From:' *.eml | sort | uniq --count
      1 From: mgorven@example.com
      3 From: mgorven@example.net

We can then sort the output by occurrence, to get the most frequent at the top.

% grep --no-filename --ignore-case '^From:' *.eml | sort | uniq --count | sort --general-numeric-sort --reverse
      3 From: mgorven@example.net
      1 From: mgorven@example.com
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Absolutely awesome!!! Worked like a charm, thanks! – user Jun 13 '12 at 11:12

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