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I'm always looking for podcasts that can help me keep up with operating systems and development. That said, I typically listen to the Linux Outlaws podcast, but was wondering if there are other Linux/Unix podcasts that many of you find helpful or informative, both with learning Linux or keeping up with the changes to it.

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I'm not a huge podcast guy but you might want to try TuxRadar It's one of the better Linux ones I've heard.

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I've been listening to the Going Linux podcast and find it quite easy to listen to. They cover subjects easy enough for beginners and also go deeper in following podcasts. Once a month, they play a recording of one of them answering questions about Linux on the radio. In my opinion, this is a good entry level podcast.

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About Linux kernel itself, there is only one: http://www.kernelpodcast.org/. Although the author is asking for help to keep up with the constant flood of lkml, it's not very regular those days.

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Roughly weekly, Randal Schwartz puts out an episode of FLOSS Weekly. This will take a look at some Free Software project by inviting a leader in the project on to answer questions. Common that I've noticed are:

  • What does it do?
  • Who started it?
  • How mature is it?
  • What license is it under? Does the leader being interviewed know why it's under that one?
  • How did interviewee get involved with the project?
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Two links from me:

  • Sourcetrunk - in each episode author presents some useful free software applications. Even some old episodes are worth to listen - sometime you could find some interesting application...
  • The Linux Action Show! - it's been a long time since last time when I listened this one, but if I remember correctly it was news about Linux software and hardware...
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Besides the ones already mentioned, I also listen to the following:

Sunday Morning Linux Review - talks about the Linux kernel, news, distros, reviews and even quizzes; very useful and enjoyable podcast

Linux Voice - the guys that left Linux Format magazine - and thus the related TuxRadar podcast - started a new magazine and podcast called Linux Voice (for a small period, it was called Linux Lifestyle)

mintCast - although the guys are Linux Mint fans, they cover news, tips & reviews about all that's Linux

Free As In Freedom - not necessarily a Linux podcast, but you might find it interesting, being a podcast about political and legal issues in open-source software which people don't talk about very often

Linux Luddites - a new Linux podcast, but seems very promising; from their description: "we try all the latest free and open source software and then decide that we like the old stuff better."

DistroCast - reviews of Linux distributions, but they have been inactive for some time

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A great one I listen to regularly is The Linux Action Show. The presenter of the show talks so fast, you get way more facts/hour than any other linux podcast... funny in places too.


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