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Stardict uses a tray icon , also allows multiple instance of itself , but sadly , i don't use a panel , so no notification area available.

But when I hit on close , it minimized to tray , is there a way to find its "Window" ? if the WId was found , activate this window by sending some X message ? I'm not sure if it's possible. (for hidden windows)

Thanks , and please provide a simple bash script

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That's a good question - I have no idea where applications that minimize to tray go to if there is no tray running. There are independent applications that provide a system tray without a full panel. I started running stalonetray recently out of a similar need. – jw013 Jun 10 '12 at 3:31
It's Window Manager dependent — by definition. – poige Jun 10 '12 at 11:15
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With wmctrl:

wmctrl -a Stardict

With xdotool:

xdotool windowactivate $(xdotool search --class Stardict)

I used Stardict for the window class, check that this is right with xprop (run xprop in a terminal then click on a non-iconified Stardict window and check the WM_CLASS line).

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