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I recently switched from gnome terminal to urxvt. I am also a heavy emacs w. tabs user which uses a lot of key combinations similar to urxvt (tab related stuff) like Shift-Left and Shift-Right. These key-combinations are set for selecting text in emacs.

Is there a way to map ALT-1, ALT-2, ALT-3 for tabs 1, 2, 3 ..?

Is there an extension to do that ? Can it be achieved through the ~/.Xdefaults file ?

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I previously have written one and upload it onto my github. http://kuantkid.github.com/urxvt-utils/

However, it may subject to unkown bugs actually. If you find any issues regarding the problem, please kindly leave me a message in this thread or on the github.

You can just copy the tabbed_enh file you find in the github to the urxvt perl libraries and use urxvt -pe tabbed_enh to activate it. Also, use .Xresources to configure the keys but remember to use xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources after editing the file.

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