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I want to use a combination of the date and time at startup as filename for GNU screen's logfile. In screenrc, if I put

logfile '~/log/screen_%H_%m%d%Y_%0c-%t.%n'

I get a dynamically generated file, e.g.


Now I want screen to display this filename in the hardstatus bar. I cannot use

hardstatus string '~/log/screen_%H_%m%d%Y_%0c-%t.%n'

because the placeholders are updated whenever the time changes.

The solutions I can come up with involve a bash code executed before screen-startup but that's not good because the separate screen-windows are supposed to get their own dynamic logfile.

Is there a variable-substitution mechanism in screen?

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I found a solution using screen's backtick command:

backtick 1 0 0 date +%d%b%Y_%k:%M
logfile '~/log/%H_%1`-%t.%n'
hardstatus string '~/log/%H_%1`-%t.%n'

uses the UNIX date command to load the current date/time into the %1` variable. The only problem is, that the date does not change in the logfile's name in case a new window is created later during the session (but for me, that is even a feature because it allows for a better identification of the appropriate logfile).

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