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I have installed Arch and am having problems with the auto login options within slim.conf. I have installed the following X packages:

xorg-twm, xterm
and for the graphics: xf86-video-fbdev

I have also added a user and password, and altered the sudoers file to suit. I have changed the following lines:

# default_user simone
# auto_login no


default_user jon
auto_login yes

I have managed to get the slim login prompt to appear on boot by editing /etc/inittab, but the changes made for bypassing this have not been as successful.

Anybody know what I have missed? Maybe something to do with adding a user to some group?

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could you please add your .xinitrc? – Momo Aug 3 '12 at 10:14

default_user and auto_login looks fine, but how does your login_cmd look? Does this work for you?

login_cmd           exec /bin/bash -login ~/.xinitrc %session

(with an appropriate ~/.xinitrc in place, that is also "chmod +x"-ed)

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