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I have no speakers in my PC (Cent-OS 5.5) but there is a stereo speaker connected to the computer next to my computer (also Cent-OS 5.5). Both computers are networked. Is there any way to pipe my system sounds to that computer's speaker?

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Pulse Audio has the functionality you're looking for. See the Network Documentation. CentOS packages are available in EPEL.

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You can "pipe" over netcat like so:

Client: nc -vv -l 9000|mpg123 -v - (9000 is the port to listen on)

Server: nc -vv serverIP 9000 < /path/to/audiofile

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You can pipe your music to the speakers of the other computer.

See something similar here, but with the microphone:


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You might want to check out one of netJACK solutions.

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