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I needed to replace a Gyration remote control (which was for controlling MythTV) and it is no longer made. So I got a Keyspan TSBX-2404. It works in the sense that it communicates with the box (Fedora 15) but unlike the Gyration it sends multiple keypresses whenever I hit a button. For example, in xev if I press a button it will give 4-6 entries. It is controlling MythTV this way too--for example hitting the right arrow key will scroll two stops in a horizontal list rather than one. This is not acceptable, and I am wondering if there is some way to deal with it. For example, is there a setting in X that will filter out multiple keypresses that happen within a certain amount of time?

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What you want to do is turn on BounceKeys. I've never needed that, and I'm not quite sure how you turn it on in Fedora 15, but maybe that will give you something to search for.

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That did it. Many thanks! – Steve Jun 5 '12 at 11:14

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