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In zsh, I can specify default program to open which file extension like alias -s {mkv,mpg}='mplayer' . I runs fine but what I really want is to run mplayer <filename> & so it won't produce technical stuffs and 'stealing' my current shell session.

How can I make this happen ?

Thanks for reading :)

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You either provide a wrapper script or a function doing what you need, e.g:

background() {
  "$@" &

and use the function/script instead:

alias -s {mkv,mpg}='background mplayer'
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can you explain me or provide a document which explains me how the function work ? Thanks – nXqd Jun 4 '12 at 6:52
See gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bashref.html#Special-Parameters for $@. The function takes all arguments and executes it but will append & to the commandline. – Ulrich Dangel Jun 4 '12 at 13:43

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