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Two things that I miss in urxvt from xterm are:

  1. How do you scroll up and down with the keyboard? In xterm I used Shift + Page Up (or Down), but that doesn't work.

  2. A cool xterm feature is that when you type, the mouser pointer gets invisible. Anyway to get that in urxvt?

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  1. Shift+PageUp (and PageDown) works here, without any special settings...
  2. Have a look at man urxvt:

    pointerBlank: boolean
       True: blank the pointer when a key is pressed or after a set number
       of seconds of inactivity. False: the pointer is always visible
    pointerBlankDelay: number
       Specifies number of seconds before blanking the pointer [default
       2]. Use a large number (e.g. 987654321) to effectively disable the

    This could be what you're looking for. (The man page also explains where to set these Xresource directives.)

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Second answer works great. Scrolling still doesn't work for me. Shift-PageDown gives me a dollar sign ($)! (I'll mark as correct. If it works for you, I got something wrong somewhere.) – Emanuel Berg Jun 4 '12 at 10:35
Scrolling works with URxvt.saveLines: 8192 in .Xresources. – Emanuel Berg Jun 5 '12 at 18:46

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