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On my workplace, in order to access certain folder on the server, say /x/y, I need to set up a clearcase view using the cleartool command. (I don't have much idea about clearcase or cleartool). Only then can I browse through its files/directories. All this can be done using the command line.

I was wondering if I could do the same through a graphical file manager, like nautilus: it would make my job easier.

However, if I set up a view and then invoke nautilus from the commandline, it cannot browse through /x/y directory. Nautilus says that it could not find /x/y. How can this be done?

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You must be talking about dynamic views, since snapshot views don't have to be set (they are file-based workspace, available on your hard drive).

Regarding dynaic view, "set up" a view can refer to:

In the first case, you need to make a Nautilus script (that you could integrate in a Nautilus menu) which will:

  • list all the view (cleartool lsview -s)
  • start the view (or views) selected

In the second case, you would need to make a script used in a contextual menu:

  • taking as parameter only the directory selected in the file manager,
  • checking that directory is directly under /view (all dynamic views are mounted under /view: /view/aDynamicViewTag)
  • call cleartool setcs aDynamicViewTag on that view (you can only set one view at a time: its content will be under /vobs/aVob/...)
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