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I'm using an embedded system with the Angstrom distribution on it. Now i'd like to configure a GPRS-Modem for it. So I downloaded the linux-driver from the homepage of the manufacterer to install it on my embedded system. But the package is a RPM-File, and the readme-file gives me the command:

rpm -ivv <packagename>    

But there is no "rpm" command on my embedded-system (only opkg), and this isn't working for a rpm package. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you download a source RPM package or a tarball with sources? From that you'll be able to create an opkg package. The binary RPM is probably not going to be useful on this system. – Bram May 21 '12 at 10:20
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If you can download a debian package this site might help to build an opkg file from it.

If RPM is the only available format you might have success running that through alien first.

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