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I have a Leopard board with Ti DM365 processor. Problem is that I tried to flash the bootloader (uboot) to nand and landed up corrupting the NAND. Now I can't use the NAND to bring up the board. So I decided to use the SD Card.

I did the required partitioning on the SD Card for bootloader, kernel and rootfs.

Now, when I restart the board, it says

uncompressing the kernel...

etc., but when it tries to look for the rootfs the prompt says

can't find NAND

I think (I'm a complete newbie in this field) that the kernel looks into the NAND for the "rootfs" instead of the SD Card, and that's why it is giving that sort of error.

So now I have to configure the kernel in such a way that it should look into the SD Card for the "rootfs" instead of looking into the NAND (which is corrupted in my case).

Can any one help me doing this?

Please forgive me if the information is not enough and please ask for more info if needed. As I am a newbie, I don't know what other information I can give.

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